Picks Column

We are not exactly fans of points this weekend.
Saying goodbye is hard. There could be quite a few of those "goodbye" situations, both good and bad, in Week 12.
There is a lot to like in the Midwest this week, starting with the two-time defending Big Ten champs visiting Happy Valley.
We said offense, not "good" offense, which will be a departure from regular business at Wrigley. Plus, a pair of Group of 5 numbers have our attention.
The Group of 5 offers a path back above .500. Plus, when it's Pat Narduzzi against Notre Dame, it usually isn't pretty.
Back to .500 we go, with plenty of time to create some separation in the second half
We have inched above .500. Can we keep the good times going?
A .500 start to the season wasn't bad. But it could certainly be better.
This week we look at several close rivalry games, plus two great offenses (and two bad defenses) that are getting together in the Pac-12. How will it…
It feels good to be out of the red after another 2-1 showing in Week 3. Week 4 brings no shortage of big matchups, including an appeal total between…
A strong Week 2 has us inching closer to the above .500 mark. With Nebraska at home for the first time and with Colorado's players fired up for a…
Can Deion Sanders and Colorado keep it going? Plus, Notre Dame and Alabama are seeing a ton of public action in Week 2. How do you adjust for that?